avioon safe copy

easy and safe copy automation

avioon safe copy

avioon safe copy automates copy and move processes. Especially when working with many single files over a slow connection, or in critical environments like broadcast, safe copy allows to safely copy or move files at adjustable speed.


avioon safe copy is a simple copy automation tool that gives much more functionality than simple copy&paste.

Especially when moving or copying many files to different locations this can get a difficult task for the internal windows tools, as they can´t set transfer speed automatically or allow different other type of filtering.


Integration with windows explorer
After installation of avioon safe copy the copy functions integrate with windows explorer. Right click on a file shows the copy/move options:

Parallel copy and move processes
Using safe copy it is possible to run parallel copy processes without harming the network and disk performance, as the read/write requests can be managed by setting the copy and move speeds:

Adjustable copy speed
One of the biggest advantage of avioon safe copy is to set the copy/move speed. Using this options the copy automation can be set to safely do all copy or file move actions:


safely copy big amount of files
Everyone who needs to copy big amount of video files can use easy safe copy to ensure the files are copied securely and does not harm the HDD activities of the other ongoig processes.

Technical Specs

Operating systems
avioon safe copy works under
- windows XP
- Windows 7
- Windows 8
- and it server variants


avioon safe copy 64 Bit
avioon safe copy 32 Bit