avioon player

avioon media player

avioon player

avioon media player is a simple to use video and audio player that supports many file types used in broadcast.
It automatically creates an visual index/catalog for quick navigation through the videos


It supports additional features that many video player won´t support, just like automated segmentation and catalog creation or support for up to 16 audio channels.


Support for broadcast formats
avioon player supports most broadcast formats like XD-CAM HD, AVC-Intra, MPEG long GOP, X-AVC, etc.
Automated indexing and scene detection
avioon media player uses nablets Toucan segmentation engine, that does a content analysis and shows the scenes of a video file.
The scene detection allows to identify any hard cut, dissolve, flash lights, high motion, etc.

Multi Audio support
avioon player support up to 16 audio channels. It is simple to select the desired audio channel from the "Audio->tracks" menu

Easy navigation
avioon player supports:
step forward/back
Jump to frame
Fast FW/Rewind