avioon ingest

Live, File and IP Video ingest, transcode, streaming and monitoring

avioon ingest

avioon ingest is a simple to use swiss knife for video ingest, transcode, streaming and many more. It integrates with avioon workbox and other 3rd party ingest apps and workflows.


avioon ingest supports a variety of different features that other ingest software does not support. It comes with high end features like automated video segmentation, hardware assisted transcoding, streaming support for different protocols, and many more. It can also run in a web browser using the avioon workbox extension.


Different file Formats and Streams
All commonly used file formats are support by avioon ingest. It also supports the record in the native input-format as well as the creation of multiple other files, just as the creation of an HD-Video in a special required format, as well as creation of low-res proxy files for the MAM.

Live, network and file ingest
avioon ingest allows to ingest from different sources. These could be either a SDI or any other hardware source, an IP stream or video files from an archive, HDD or network. File based ingest also allows to ingest complete folders.
Streaming HLS/RTMP/MPEG Dash
avioon ingest supports different type of streaming formats:
HLS is an open standard for streaming by Apple. It allows streaming of videos without the requirement of a streaming server. It supports different quality layers.
RTMP is very widely used to stream video. A typical use case is to stream to services like youtube, justin.TV and many others.
MPEG DASH is currently available as beta.
Video segmentation and frame accurate file splitting
With its shared memory structure, the automatic splitting of video files into multiple chunks does not lose any video frames. Using the segmentation feature it is possible to automatically detect scene changes (hardcuts, dissolve, transitions, global motion, lightning, etc.) and create a EDL and the appropriate thumbnails.

Graphics & Text Overlay
avioon ingest supports the overlay of text or graphics. This could be either a picture, logo, text like date/time or time-code. The insertion can be applied to the recorded streams as well as into the preview.
Scheduled ingest
The scheduler allows to easily set up planning for recording and streaming, and to set the file folders/names etc. individually. The streaming formats can be changed in the planning as well.
Status Indicators
avioon ingest has several indicators that control record, streaming, Disc and CPU usage, network status, etc. The display and setup of the indicators can be changed according the given requirement.
Finger printing
avioon ingest supports video finger printing. It allows to create a DB of fingerprints of the ingested content. Wit fingerprints the vidoe can be tracked and monitored everywhere. Please also check out avioon workbox for details on media monitoring.
Script Running
It is possible to run different type of scripts to automate certain functionality, without having the overhead of the full system. The scripts can run before or after the file record. This is a very powerful tool of avioon ingest and will be constantly expanded.
Remote Access and Control
avioon ingest ccan be monitored and controlled over a network. The requirements of basic controls such as; start, stop, or adjusting existing setups or changing file formats can be easily done by the monitoring software.
Other Features
- User friendly interface
- Quick access to last saved 10 files
- Reporting
- Customization in user interface
- Forming and editing different encode and stream set-ups
- Two different pre-view as mini and normal
- Retention of interface setups
RAW capture support
Often a general requirement is to have the incoming source captured as is. Because of this avioon ingest includes the RAW TS preset. It takes the TS as is and dumps it on the HDD. Given options are the setup up of the URI, NW interface, TTL and Buffer size.

Workbox assets
avioon´s flagship product workbox allow many different type of workflows in a simple browser. avioon ingest does support a simple way of integration ingest or transcoded files into workbox by providing workbox assets.

This feature requires avioon workbox.


- Archiving
- Editing
- Streaming
- Recording
Media Monitoring
- Media Archiving
- Media Streaming
- Water-Marking
- Editing
- Archiving
-Water Marking

Technical Specs

Supported Video and Audio Inputs
avioon ingest can capture HD or SD via SDI or Analog inputs of video hardware. Here you can see the supported video and audio inputs, these could be change according to used video hardware.

Video Inputs

- HD Component ( Y, B-Y, R-Y )
- SD Component ( Y, B-Y, R-Y )
- Composite ( Y )
- S-Video

Audio Inputs

- SDI Embedded Audio
- Analog
Supported Video Input Cards
Blackmagic Design :
- DeckLink Family Cards.

Aja Video Systems:
- Xena Family Cards.

Digital-Rapids :
- DRC Stream Family Cards

ViewCast :
- Osprey Family Cards.
Supported Video and Audio Inputs
avioon ingest can capture HD or SD via SDI or Analog inputs of video hardware. Here you can see the supported video and audio inputs, these could be change according to used video hardware.


- Windows Vista, SP1, 32-Bit
- Windows XP, SP3, 32-Bit
- Windows Server 2003, SP4, 32-Bit

- .Net framework 4
- Min. 1 GB RAM (Recommended: 2GB)
- Min. Intel P4 2.5 CPU (Recommended: Intel Core2 Quad)
- Min. 256 MB Video Graphics Card (Recommended 512 MB)
- Audio input card
- Video input card
- Seperate hard disk if available


Avioos (64-bit)
All Avioon products are only available in Avioos.
Avioos (32-bit)
All Avioon products are only available in Avioos.