avioon workbox

Media Monitoring and digital asset platform

avioon workbox

avioon workbox is a media asset manager with advanced features like media monitoring, streaming from file or timeline, hardware assisted video export/transcode and many more.


avioon workbox completely runs in a simple web browser and any iOS or Android supported device.
It supports different type of ingested media from live, IP networks and archived video files. The user interface is easy to edit and integrate into existing working environment.

avioon workbox perfectly integrates with avioon ingest.


Media Monitoring
All files that are ingested into avioon workbox can be displayed, edited, streamed, and searched with a simple web browser. It allows to monitor either live channels, files from an archive or the integrated asset management.

Video search engine
The search engine allows to quickly search for video using file name, meta data, date or any other search criteria. The "edit" button allows to quickly add tags or other metadata to the video files.

Similarity search
workbox has integrated finger printing for video and alloes to search for content that looks similar for what you are searching for. Anywhere on the timeline a certain frame can be picked and used for a search. The results are displayed on the right side of the browser windows.

Source media search
workbox can find the source media that has been used to create a certain content. It can also tell how much from the original source has been used (frame accurate).
workbox easily integrates in any other existing application, as it uses REST api that gives all needed functionality.
It is also very simple to change the web interface completely. The current set up also supports all mobile browsers using iOS or Android as well.
Mobile compatible web client
avioon workbox can be used on any mobile browser, it automatically adapts the resolution according to the used tablet.
Broswer editing client
workbox allows to easily edit the timeline, set multiple in/out points and export the selected area into video files, or merge them into a single video files.

Adjustable search treshold
workbox can do intelligent search to either find exact the same content the use ris looking for (important for advertisement or content monitoring). It can also do a fuzzy search on content that just look similar.
0.2 is a good point to start for similarity search
0.05 is good for finding the exact source


Avioos (64-bit)
All Avioon products are only available in Avioos.
Avioos (32-bit)
All Avioon products are only available in Avioos.