Live, File and IP Video ingest, transcode, streaming and monitoring
avioon ingest
avioon ingest is a simple to use swiss knife for video ingest, transcode, streaming and many more. It integrates with avioon workbox and other 3rd party ingest apps and workflows.

avioon media player
avioon player
avioon media player is a simple to use video and audio player that supports many file types used in broadcast.
It automatically creates an visual index/catalog for quick navigation through the videos

easy and safe copy automation
avioon safe copy
avioon safe copy automates copy and move processes. Especially when working with many single files over a slow connection, or in critical environments like broadcast, safe copy allows to safely copy or move files at adjustable speed.

Media Monitoring and digital asset platform
avioon workbox
avioon workbox is a media asset manager with advanced features like media monitoring, streaming from file or timeline, hardware assisted video export/transcode and many more.